Outdoor Elementary Education: 

Forest Microschool

Now Enrolling for the 24/25 School Year! 

Experience joy in learning through connection with nature!

Get outside and thrive!

Seeds of Love Collective

Seeds of Love Collective empowers teachers, families, and students to collaborate and support each other in developing holistic educational pathways in connection with nature. 

The Bay Area Open Wilderness Literacy and Science (OWLS) forest microschool program facilitates a kind and safe community for children ages 6-11 to enjoy authentic, hands-on learning experiences outdoors Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday to cultivate community, friendships and joy in learning! 

*Coming Soon: Monday Math Magic in the Garden and Forest Skill Fridays

Now enrolling for the 24/25 School Year!

Families are welcome to fill out our Get Started at OWLS Form for children ages 6-11 years old. Space is limited as groups are capped at 8 students. Register ASAP to begin the onboarding process. 

The Days Exploring Nature (DEN) Summer Program facilitates a kind and safe community for children ages 6-12 to enjoy exploring nature at Wildcat Canyon in Richmond to cultivate community, friendships, and joy in learning!

Now enrolling for our July/August Summer Camp!

Families are welcome to enroll children ages 6-12 years old using the 2024 Summer Days Exploring Nature Camp at Wildcat Canyon Form. Space is limited as groups are capped at 8 kids. Enroll ASAP to secure your spot. 

Expand Community

Be Kind & Safe

Appreciate Languages, Cultures and Neurodiversity

Play Cooperative Games

Team Work Makes the Dream Work 

Explore Nature

Consistent Sites: Camp Herms, El Cerrito; Tilden Nature Area, Berkeley

Summer 2024 Site: Wildcat Canyon, Richmond

Occasional Sites: Lake Anza, Berkeley; Oakland Zoo, Albany Bulb, Albany; Joaquin Miller, Oakland

Experience Joy

Morning Message/Meeting & Greetings

Sit Spot

Literacy Support

Skill Building

Roses, Buds, and Thorns

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